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How we started

In 1997 we began to make wooden toys - our first toy was a little train. As years went by, several new ideas realized. The products were made of only children-friendly natural material to be light and long-lasting. In 2002 our toys won the Golden Prize of a Hungarian Institute, and, all of our toys are recognized by the Hungarian Institute for Culture and Art. Our manual toys are certified products. All of our toys have the CE mark, which certifies that we make our toys according to the standards required by the European Union.



We have been dealing with playground equipment, assembling and installing park furniture for years. In 2009 we registered several playground equipment planned by us, therefore many products of our choice are unique and sold by us exclusively.


We make our products to order, of quality material. Their durability is guaranteed by the weatherproof timber - acacia, oak and larch. The quality of material usage and shaping is certified by examinations corresponding the standards. Our latest spring toy series with animal figures has been developed to help children both physically and spiritually.


The safety of toys and playgrounds is strictly regulated to avoid children getting into unexpected dangerous situations. Accredited institutions certify our toys and equipment to meet the Hungarian standards. Children need to learn to perceive space, recognize danger and take risks - all these by playing in the environment corresponding to their age.


In case of proper use 2 years warranty is applied to our products. After this period we are certainly still at your service. Our products, according to testing in nursery schools, are extremely durable. Each of our products has our logo on it, which certifies that it was made in our workshop.
The managing director of our company is a professional playground safety specialist.
All these guarantee the possible highest quality!

H-7200 Dombóvár, Vak Bottyán utca 20. | tel/fax: +36 74 468-742 | mobil: +36 30 611-4617 | e-mail: jatszoterek@gmail.com
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Postacím: 7200 Dombóvár, Vak Bottyán utca 20.
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  • Cégnév: Nyisztor Zoltánné E.V.
  • Székhely és levelezési cím: 7200 Dombóvár, Vak Bottyán u. 20.
  • E-mail: jatszoterek [kukac] gmail.com
  • Telefon: +36 74 468-742
  • Adószám: 66202543-2-37

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